AutoAdMax collects, processes and reports your customers' media preferences, shopping patterns and demographics into detailed, easy to read, customer profile reports. Access to the program is unlimited, 24/7/365, from any computer with an internet connection.

We program a secure, custom database for your dealership, including:
Your specific makes and models
Your market's complete media choices: All radio stations, cable networks, local TV news channels and newspapers
Your customer's media choices
Your direct competitors, (to capitalize on your competitors' weaknesses and gain conquest sales)

provide you with a market-tested survey, (over 500,000 entered to date), that elicits top of mind responses, a method proven to be the most reliable, accurate and unbiased.

You ask your customers to complete a simple, anonymous survey.
You login to your password protected website and enter the information from completed surveys into your secure, custom, user friendly database from any computer with internet access.
We instantly process your in-house customer survey data within seconds integrating it into your composite database.
You generate detailed reports with key information about your makes, your models, your competition, your media and your market giving you critical marketing information specific to your dealership.
We maintain constant updates within your custom database such as new models and media changes that occur in your market.
We maintain a stable, reliable data center providing your dealership with unlimited access to your database from any computer with an Internet connection so you can create custom reports 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.