AdverTrack is designed specifically for automotive dealerships to track their advertising's effectiveness by make, model, new or used, and across all medias: Internet, Radio, Television, Newspaper, Classifieds and Social Media.

  • Know which local media will help you sell more of the model you really need to sell
  • Know what advertising you can eliminate from your current budget without hurting showroom traffic
  • Know how to directly reach any demographic group of your customers
  • Know where the opportunities are to increase your sales without increasing your budget
Since AdverTrack is not affiliated with any of the media, e.g.: Arbitron with radio, Nielsen with television, etc., our reports are unbiased and accurate, clearly indicating what advertising's working, and more importantly what isn't (saving our customers thousands of dollars every month).

Let us help you take the guesswork out of your advertising.
"Because Knowing Is Better Than Guessing"™.