AutoAdMax is easy to use!
No training required. Just point-and-click to run reports. Get the answers you need to make the right advertising decisions and eliminate the waste. Plus you'll have an assigned Account Manager ready to assist you with all your reporting needs.

AutoAdMax is convenient!
No additional hardware or software needed. AutoAdMax uses the most advanced and secure Internet technology. You'll have unlimited access 24/7/365 from any computer with an online connection.

AutoAdMax is customized for your dealership!
No biased or wrong information. AutoAdMax reports are based solely on your customers, your competition, your market and your media. Gain local marketing intelligence unique to your dealership.

AutoAdMax is safe!
No worries. Only those you designate will have access to your AutoAdMax database. You determine passwords and security levels. Your dealership's customer data is protected and confidential.