Here's what some AutoAdMax users have to say.

"AutoAdMax is absolutely the best advertising investment I ever made. Even though we cut our budget by more than 30% during this last down turn, our sales remained stable. Now we look forward to the rebound, because we have a secret weapon which will allow us to lead our market in the recovery."
Bill McFadden, Owner - Luv Toyota 

"Everyone asks us how we have such a handle on our advertising, and I say, 'It's easy: the AutoAdMax program.' I don't know why anyone wouldn't use it."
Don Slavin, General Manager - Jones Family of Dealerships / Honda

"After 3 months on AutoAdMax we realized that the Fox News channel wasn't working, so we quit this buy, saved $6900 per month, $84,000 per year, just from what we were able to determine wasn't working."
Shawn Witek, General Manager - Leith Toyota

"Our dealership is located in a highly competitive, media dense market. Making the right decisions is crucial. AutoAdMax clearly helps me identify the areas where I should focus my advertising dollars and, more surprisingly, where I can afford to cut back."
Al Wintringham, Owner - Ventura Toyota

"AutoAdMax reduced our monthly ad budget by $14,500 and vehicle sales are up 7 units per month on a 90-day rolling average. " "Since we began using AutoAdMax we track the ROI on all our advertising, our market share is way up and we now have the lowest ad budget in our 20-Group. "

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"We spend most of our advertising budget on cable. Based on our AutoAdMax reports we changed everything reduced our budget by 25%, and focused on specific cable TV networks. Bottom line is we saved more than $9000 a month while floor traffic jumped up 18%." "Before AutoAdMax we were number3 out of 4 Toyota dealerships in our market. Once we started using the AutoAdMax reports we jumped ahead to number 1 in only 11 months and have stayed there ever since."
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