It all started in 1983 as an advertising agency with our first dealership client.

Our automotive client base grew to include hundreds of local dealerships, numerous regional associations and national manufacturers. We have managed marketing and advertising campaigns with budgets totaling hundreds of millions of dollars.

Over the years, many Dealers asked us to help them better understand their customers - from their shopping habits and buying tendencies to their media preferences and advertising usage. National statistics, broad market research and small sample ratings only told a general story. Dealers were forced to guess how that information related to their local dealerships.

Since we had first-hand knowledge concerning the lack of affordable local market research data, we recognized the need for Dealers to have continual access to the best source of local information - actual customers.

Most Dealers had customer surveys. In fact, most Dealers had stacks and stacks of customer surveys. What they didn't have was a user-friendly, comprehensive tool to help them internally process the information into accurate, effective reports. And there wasn't even one available to purchase. So, we decided to build it.

Today, AdverTrack is designed to deliver the information you need to know about your dealership, your customers, your makes, your models, your market, your competition, your media, your advertising and your opportunities.

Dealers across the country are now taking advantage of AdverTrack - because knowing is better than guessing.